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What is Automation?

The cloud environments enable the creation and destruction of virtual machines according to your need. To provide horizontal scalability you have to be able to create virtual servers, to duplicate them, to erase them easily.

There are other iterative tasks, as the installation of software packages or the configuration of these packages. In these tasks, the human factor is an important issue because of its error potential. 

We can define “Automation” as the use of software to carry out the actions of software configuration and installation and the solution of problems with the minimum human intervention. This reduces drastically the amount of work of the technical operator. 

The automation tasks are called “recipes” and usually are made of Python or Perl scripts which execute a group of actions in a pre-established order.

Automatize vs. Orchestrate

The difference between “Automatize” and “Orchestrate” is comparable to the difference between “tasks” and “Processes”. This difference allows us to get the best of each process and the advantage of its combination in a a joint execution.

The goal of orchestration is not only to automatically execute tasks or recipes in order, but to take advantage of the opportunity to optimize processes that makes us accelerate amazingly the setting of environments (deployment process).

Orchestration reutilizes automated tasks (recipes) and predefined processes to achieve goals of supply and construction of infrastructure in a smart way.

Automation & Orchestation process

So, we can define Orchestration as the use of Automation to compose the architecture, the tools and the processes made by human operators in order to deliver a specific service.

Open Source Tools


Automation of the management of software infrastructure and supply has had a phenomenal growth in the last 5 years.
Paid license tools such a as Chef, Puppet and Salt are repeatedly mentioned in the area.

In the Open Source world, the growth has been even more vertiginous. Ansible, the most powerful cutting-edge Automation tool has been recently acquired by Red Hat, the licensed Linux distributor colossus.

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Self-defined as the interface between humans and the operations, among RunDeck features outstand a detailed access control, an integrated task planner and the capacity to define processes that send shell script commands to their servers.

RunDeck provides an extra module library that enable to extend the RunDeck features. It can be integrated with other Automation tools and admin and versioning platforms as Chef, Jenkins, Nexus, Puppet, Git, Redmine and many more.

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Rancher Lab

Rancher is just awesome. It's the best solution for application containers management.
Rancher is a complete, open source platform for deploying and managing containers in production.

It includes commercially-supported distributions of Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm, making it easy to run containerized applications on any infrastructure.
Rancher provides a full set of infrastructure services for containers, including networking, storage services, host management, load balancing and more.
All of these services work across any infrastructure, and make it simple to reliably deploy and manage applications.

Ops teams love the visibility Rancher provides into hosts, containers, networking and storage. Making it simple to troubleshoot issues and deliver reliable deployments.

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Benefits and Uses

  • Normalization
    By automating the construction of environments and applications, every server is built in the same way, standardizing its processes.

  • Configuration errors reduction
    By using a standard construction procedure for your servers, you can reduce significantly the configuration errors besides reverting problems in a massive way.

  • Version control
    Maintain your software version control in a comprehensible evolutionary way as you grow your technological infrastructure.

  • Automation
    Build a server automatically choosing previously the applications and configurations from your software supply catalog.

  • Setting of environments
    Provide your developers with recipes to automatically create environments that replicate the productive environments.

  • Centralization
    Centralize the management of the technological infrastructure of your environments in a web tool that meets your necessities.


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