New Platform as a Service (PaaS). Sole providers in Latin America.
Integrating the construction of your virtual web server’s architecture.

Manage you Public or Private Cloud anywhere
in a flexible way that meets your user’s demands.

Arquitectura de servidores virtuales

Servers architecture

Our Virtual Servers Architecture is designed to provide scalability in the critical issues: a guarantee for an organized growth and the best web application performance for the end users.

To ensure scalability, we identify the saturation peaks of the user’s traffic. Frequently, the bigger demand occurs in the cache memory services, web services and data bases.

Our architecture guarantees continuity and service quality for your users.

Docker & Containers

Our platform uses Docker for the virtualization of applications containers.
Docker allows to create applications packages -with its dependencies- in standardized units called containers.

The Docker containers are hosted in private virtual servers with different hosting and processing capacities.

Docker & Containers

The Docker containers wrap the software parts in a file system containing everything they need to execute code, system tools, libraries and anything you can install in a server.
This guarantees that this container will work no matter the environment where it’s executed.

What’s the difference in using Docker over virtual machines?
These containers have similar benefits of isolation and portability as the virtual machines but its architectural focus allows them to be more portable and efficient than the hardware resources.

Docker vs Virtual Machine

Each virtual machines includes the application, the binary files, libraries and the full hosting operating system (this represents dozens of gigabytes more than a Docker container requires)

The containers include the application and all of its dependencies but share the kernel (the OS nucleus) with other containers.
They execute isolated processes on the space of each user in the hosting OS.
They aren’t tied to an infrastructure. The Docker containers are executable in any computer, in any infrastructure.



Escalabilidad de aplicaciones y servicios

Automation & Orchestration

The applications and services distribution in the VPS allow the expansion of applications as its web server o its database in a few minutes.

The use of SSD hosting technologies enables the creation of new VPS with its Docker containers at an amazing speed rate.

The standardization of the configurations allow to create these new servers in an automatic way synchronizing the demand with the capacity and the performance.

Why choose us?

  • With our High Traffic Infrastructure Cloud Service, the cloud services supplier guarantees high availability levels which meet the amount of services you hire.

  • The IT managers have more time to focus on the business.

  • It simplifies the implementation of monitoring and control tools and the processes orchestration

  • In the current global and highly competitive economy there’s no sense in assigning the IT executives to the maintenance of the internal systems and everyday tasks.

  • Cloud Computing sets them free in order to think and act strategically.

  • On demand Cloud resources enables a quick adjustment to changes, to grow in processing resources in specific events (and then to decrease them when necessary), to innovate, to test and to implement in a fast easy way.

  • Less capital investments (CAPEX) not having to own the used infrastructure.

  • Reduction of maintenance costs (OPEX)

  • Reduction of the fixed costs by decrease of the IT maintenance structure

  • 24/7 update and assistance from the cloud providers, not depending on your staff.

  • Less initial costs associated with the tough –and not always precise- infrastructure sizing which involves every IT Project

  • Easy Access to the applications from any place anytime, no time or hardware element limitations.

  • Standardization of development, quality and production environments.

  • Enables to install automatic orchestration processes to automatically implement software versions among environments, quality and production (Deploy Versions).

We are ready to help

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  • Development of web applications

  • Building of IT Cloud infrastructure

  • Automation and Orchestration of web infrastructure

  • Technical support service

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