Here, you will find the most solid arguments
to choose Drupal as you web platform development tool.

Drupal is free software

  • No need to pay licenses.
  • Independence from providers.

The software is in constant evolution as developers who work on Drupal publish and add their achievements so anyone can use them freely.
The Drupal.org community has the quality control of the published code providing an endurable organization with proper technical documentation


Drupal makes everything possible

Drupal focuses on the management of digital contents for a community or group of users but its +17.000 modules extend its features to wherever your imagination may get. You can build 2.0 webs, e-commerce and e-learning platforms, catalogues, API integrations, intranets and many more.
International organizations use Drupal for different purposes in high traffic environments with awesome end-point quality as: The White House, McDonald’s, Twitter, Harvard University, Ikea, Oxford, The Economist, NBC and Fox News. Many local projects in Argentina also use Drupal, such as TN news channel, La Voz del Interior journal and the San Andrés University (recently developed by Tooit) )


Drupal is multi-language and multi-country

Drupal was born to solve the needs of an international audience and provides a full work frame to create a multi-language web, a blog, a content management system (CMS) or a community.
Drupal allows you to translate every text through a graphic interface besides importing existent translations and enabling integration with other translation tools such as GNU gettext.
In addition, it helps you to create content architectures for organizations based in different countries or made of different departments or areas.


Drupal includes a system to define roles and enable permits for users

Drupal has a powerful system that enables the users to have different profiles to operate at different degrees of administration according to the role they have.
The system also organizes a decentralized content management: there might be more than one administrator with different combinations of permits.


Drupal is SEO friendly

Digital marketers know that a CMS is the key to position your website in the different browsers. This characteristic enables the construction of proper URLs for each goal creating a highly positive impact in our web positioning and search engine optimization.
There are large amounts of modules that improve a Drupal webpage SEO according to the goals of each project.


We love standards

Drupal relates to other systems taking advantage of the most modern available standards.
Using Web Services, Drupal can deliver content to other devices and face many different scenarios of market authentication. This enables Drupal to read or send information from and to any web system that integrates these applications connection standards (administration management systems, CRM, logistics systems, learning systems, access control systems, among many others).


Top security insurance

A thorough work team, along with the most avant-garde developers of the community search, investigate, propose and publish patches for security issues –many times, even before these issues are known in the digital jungle.




Do you have questions?

Don’t worry, there aren’t any dumb questions.




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