Web Site platform and Content Digital Management.
TEDx event registration and digital platform
e-Learning platform developed for Intel Latam
Wordpress multilanguage website for Canadian company
Parallax website special developed for Peugeot 208
Products faceted filters & multilanguage platform
Content Management & e-Commerce multicountry Drupal project
Planning | Urban Design | Landscape Architecture
Design & Corporative Web development
Institutional architecture portal based in Wordpress
Otpus is the best mobile service provider in Australia.
Institutional website based in Drupal and Search API
Drupal website for real state business in Canada
Design & Art Marketplace
Drupal redesign for Canadian landscape business
Drupal e-Commerce for Canadian Publisher
Drupal Private Social Network
Australian Drupal CMS with advanced search solution
JS solution applied to Sales Managament System
HTML & CSS markup for a USA company