We build for you to build all.

Build your own CI/CD pipeline

Kubernetes & Docker

We create and manage your cluster and your Dockerized Applications. We can do it using AWS, Azure, Google, Digital Ocean and other cloud providers.

Monitoring & Notifications

Tooit will set up a solid monitoring tool basde in ELK to collect information and integrate a notification platform like Slack, Rocket, Mattermost, Twist or Hangouts.

Customize your CI/CD

Build your own CI/CD pipeline based in Gitlab and onboard all your Containerized Applications.
We can export your code from any Git Repository.


Tooit will provide Docker & Kubernetes support for all sorts of business sizes and industries.
We will assist you from the creation until you go ‘Live’ and preserve all cloud components healthy.

docker containers
lets encrypt

working diagram

The group of the elements that make up this architecture provides a level of adaptability that allows it to be implemented in the most advanced Cloud providers, without acquiring dependence on its features and proprietary solutions, transforming your cloud into a truly free and agnostic ecosystem.

All these elements carry out specific functions in the Cloud ecosystem, such as Repositories, Builders, Deployers, Monitors & Alerts, etc. and can seamlessly interact thanks to the virtual nature and high availability of Kubernetes by Google.


Security & Backups

Daily and Weekly database and public assets backup. Tooit will run regularly scheduled backup and restore routines to ensure a full recovery of the entire micro-service ecosystem in the event of hardware failure. Our application performs actual backup and restore procedures in maintenance mode.

Monitoring & Notifications

– 24×7 site monitoring continuously checks the availability and response time of your application’s public domains.
– 24×7 VPS Resources Real-Time Monitoring (RTM). We will monitor your server and its activity to gather information on the CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), open ports, etc.
– Notifications via Slack/HipChat/RocketChat/Mattermost and e-mail.

Customizable CI Pipelines (YAML)

YAML pipelines allow you to setup custom pipelines for your applications. Only by modifying the code in your YAML, it will enable the CI/CD to change the environments and processes.

Private Cloud

This solution will allow you to combine Private & Public Cloud tools. This is a special feature that overcomes every obstacle and opens endless possibilites when setting up your business’ cloud.

Managed Kubernetes & Agnostic cloud

– We make sure that your Kubernetes cluster is highly available, a managed solution that is infrastructure agnostic, working across your cloud server infrastructure and streamlining your CI/CD pipeline workflow.

– Kubernetes garbage collector weekly clean-up.
– Ongoing management of your Cloud infrastructure.
– Horizontal and Vertical scale management.

SSL Certificates

We maintain Let’s Encrypt as the new Certificate Authority (CA) that offers FREE SSL certificates that are just as secure as paid certificates. Certificates are free and we manage the automatic renewal process without having service downtimes.

Scalable CI

Your custom named environments are flexible and you can modify your pipeline at any time, adding or subtracting steps in the development process effortlessly.

HA Native

All the elements in the system process can be set to High Availability (HA) mode. This is an amazing feature from Kubernetes that makes your Private Cloud stronger and more secure.

Select your plan and we will build it





Onboarding Fee

Monthly Fee

Concurrents Builds

Apps Repositories


We build the CI/CD pipeline in your private cloud.
The builds executions run in our nodes.

U$S 1,000

U$S 99

Max 3

Max 3
Up to 20GB per App


We build the full CI/CD behind your firewall.
The builds executions run in your nodes.

Up to U$S 5,000

No monthly fees




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