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What is Continuous Integration?

In software development there are countless ways of organizing work, according to different technologies, workgroups, projects, etc. Continuous Integration (CI) is a practice that increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the results of a team of developers.

It consists of combining changes made in the project’s code in a central repository periodically, then run tests and detect and repair errors as soon as possible.

This mechanism allows to improve the quality of the software, to deliver progress to the client more frequently and to add participants to the development team, who do not necessarily know the whole project in depth.

Continuous Delivery and Automation

As a complement to Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CD) is designed to facilitate the publication of the combined code in each iteration and to deploy it in a test environment with the same characteristics as production – automatically and without technical assistance.

This delivery process automation involves the integration of execution systems, cloud services, software repositories and communication systems for controlling the different stages and states.

Digital Products Development Model #DevOps

In conclusion, this development methodology (DevOps) based on continuous integration and continuous delivery of changes in the software, allows developers to be focused specifically only on developing and can deploy their code automatically in minutes.

It involves a change in the team’s culture and has clear and tangible advantages that touch different levels of the organization.


Increases the effectiveness and focus of the digital development team.

Reduces costs and time dedication of the IT team.

Substantially improves the customer’s time-to-market (TTM).

Increases the final quality of the code because reduces the number of errors and deviations.

How do we help our clients implement CI/CD processes?

At Tooit we believe in innovation and adding value to our customers, it’s a big part of our culture.


Our work process based on CI/CD and DevOps, allows us to apply these methodologies when taking on our clients’ projects. We add value and solid expertise to your digital product.

CI/CD Consulting

Our professionals integrate CI/CD methodologies into your in-house development, infrastructure and and IT teams, bringing our experience and solutions to your company.

  • Application Virtualization | Docker
  • Software versioning and repository | GitLab Community
  • Automation and Orchestration | Ansible y Rundeck
  • Rancher Lab and Rancher OS consultancy
  • Processes and auto communications | Slack
  • Workshops and in-company trainings.



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