Drupal Help

This information is useful should your Drupal site get compromised. Drupal help lets you report any details to their security team at security@drupal.org

The security team is unable to help with individual sites, but does like to keep track of compromised sites to see patterns, hence building a better community.

In the midst of the recent massive hack, we at Tooit would like to encourage you to report any issues that you or your website managers have encountered.

Summary for Drupal Help:
Step 1: Make a forensic copy of the site
Step 2: Decide to keep, rollback, rebuild, or throw the site away.
Step 3: Who should you notify?
Step 4: Should you take the site offline?
Step 5: Begin investigating the attack
Step 6: Revisit the question: remediate, rebuild, or trash the site?

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Source: www.drupal.org

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